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Preschooler Activities To Enrich Children

The age of preschool children is a magical one, when they are excited to learn and happy to participate in so many different activities. This is a great time to introduce lifelong loves and not too early to share cultural activities, or let them create their own. However, make sure preschooler activitiesare on an age appropriate level, so they can interact while interest and curiosity can peek without being overwhelmed or bored. The list of activities to do is innumerable, but with some helpful ideas, a preschooler’s life can be fun and easily enriched.

Think about favorite hobbies and interests, then how they can be related to a three or four year old child. Adults love to garden and go to art museums, so can children. Of course, a child may not enjoy working in a whole yard all day, but clear a small space and have the child help pick out seeds and plant them there. It will be wondrous to them to see the seeds grow into a beautiful flower or nourishing vegetable. As for museums, try to find child friendly exhibits and special programs for this age. Most museums will offer these and often for special admission prices. Then take the child for a walk through the other art exhibits, but know that he may not have the attention to stop and study each piece of art. Just looking for a bit, though, can really peek an interest.

Kids also love to be at home and, just like gardening, there are many activities to engage a preschooler. One thing all children love to do is dress up and engage in pretend play. Remember that costumes and dress up clothes do not need to be purchased. Hold onto things that otherwise may be tossed away, like dad’s old ties or grandma’s hats and jewelry. Sometimes the things that are found rather than bought are the ones that can spur the imagination the most. Let the children have fun and be creative; who knows what they may come up with in dress up and pretend play.

Arts and crafts are another winner with the preschool crowd. Again, the best thing to do is provide the space and the supplies, maybe some starting ideas, and then let the imagination take over. Their projects do not have to be perfect, but by letting preschoolers be creative whether in a specific activity or free one, they will find great pride in their work.

Preschoolers are so ready to play, create and absorb, that no matter what they encounter, they can learn, even things that are not typical learning experiences. Let imaginations be their guide, and if they would rather find leaves in their backyard than take a structured trip to the playground, that is one of the greatpreschooler activities, too.

Hi! My name is Angela, creator of the Preschooler Activities website. I have 2 children and I started teaching preschool kids and collecting preschool activities material about 10 years ago.

I find many teachers and parents who are passionate about teaching their preschool children. The only problem was that most of these teachers and parents were tired and didn’t feel they had enough time to create effective preschool activities and lesson plans for their students and children.

Finding a preschool with a great curriculum and excellent teachers can be hard.

When it comes to your child’s education, nothing is more important than finding the right place.

Whiz Kidz Preschool offers a first-class educational program and caring teachers and staff to nurture and inspire curious minds and fuel creative curiosity. Whiz Kidz Preschool is dedicated to helping students lay the groundwork for future learning. We understand that children learn by having fun and we fuel creative curiosity through individualized instruction that matches students’ particular needs and abilities. Our unique program combines creative arts with cognitive skills such as basic math, reading, writing and knowledge of the world around us – areas of focus for preschoolers.

Whiz Kidz Preschool
1442 E Chandler Blvd suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85048
(480) 283-1220

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