Welding Inspector Training Programs

Welding is an occupation that includes quality control specifications and different code requirements. It is a very lucrative career that countless people enjoy; however, in order for someone to be successful, their equipment needs to be tested and inspected so all of the engineering requirements are met. This is why people attend welding inspector training programs. This way you will know if your tools are ready for use.

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Welding inspector training helps someone gain the proper knowledge and skills. This is especially true for technical industries, as they need these certified instructors to go over all of the high-quality pieces of weld. This is necessary for people’s safety. Some of these places are nuclear technologies, aerospace, close tolerance manufacturing, water technologies, and gas and oil industries. The equipment in many of these places is intricate, which is why ongoing testing and inspection is always needed.

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Those who are interested in this training process need to find the right certification program for their needs. The idea is to learn procedures and techniques so the equipment can be tested correctly. While you don’t need to be a high school graduate, it is easier if you have achieved higher education. However, even if you haven’t met your GED requirements, those with an eighth grade education can become certified with four years of work experience. Those with even less education will need six years of welding experience.

There are different organizations that offer seminars and courses. One is the American Welding Society and another is the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, both providing ways to gain employment or certification as a welding inspector. The courses that you would take are ones on visual inspection, inspection codes, documents governing welding inspections, metal joining and cutting processes, and other requirements. The class is usually broken up in around 80 percent discussion and lecture and the other 20 percent is laboratory demonstrations.

All of these seminars and courses have been developed so applicants can effectively complete the necessary welding inspection certification exam. You will need to bring a photo ID on the day you take the test. Most of the questions are multiple choice, and it takes most people six hours to finish. The reason is because two hours are used just for fundamentals, which make up around 150 questions. The second section is 46 questions on practical application testing, and the last part of it is an open-book section with 46 questions on code requirements.

Once you have passed your welding inspector training program and received the necessary certification, it will be valid for nine years. After this time period, a person needs to be re-certified. It is important to score 72 percent or more on each of the sections. If you don’t meet this requirement, you will need to complete the minimum of another 40 hours before being able to test again.

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